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The Beaker Period 2500 - 1700 BC

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from Beaker burials on Thanet

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Radiocarbon-dates from Beaker burials on Thanet

QEQM Margate
North Foreland

Scales in centimetre divisions

The vessels are presented in descending date order, with the earliest dates first. The Roman numerals refer to the place of the Beaker in the Gazetteer of Thanet Beaker burials presented in Display 2.

These dates have been obtained from analysing samples of human bone taken from the skeletons associated with the Beakers.

The laboratory number of the radiocarbon-date is presented in brackets - eg. (WK 18733; see abbreviations below).

(XII) QEQM Hospital Margate 2005.
A ‘Bell Beaker’ of Clarke’s (1970) Wessex/Mid Rhine Group.

Lanting and Van der Waals' (1972) Step 3.

2350-2270 BC (37.6%)

2460-2200 BC (95.4%)

(Wk 18733)

QEQM Margate Beaker

Photo by Susan Deacon (TTA)


(XI) North Foreland Avenue 2004.
A 'Long-Necked' Beaker of Clarke’s (1970) Developed Southern S2 series.

Lanting and Van der Waals' (1972) Step 5 or 6.

2290-2190 BC (64.3%)

BC (94.4%)

(Wk 18732)

North Foreland Avenue Beaker


(VI) Monkton-Minster A253 1993.
Clarke's (1970) Primary Southern British Group (S1) Beaker.

Lanting and Van der Waals' (1972) Step 3 or 4.

2130-2075 or
2045-1950 BC (68%)

2180-2165 or
2145-1885 BC (95%)


Drawing of the Monkton-Minster Beaker from Grave 751

By Alex Gibson for Canterbury Archaeological Trust


(III) Manston Runway Approach 1987.
Clarke's (1970) Southern 2 type Beaker.

Lanting and Van der Waals' (1972) Step 5/6.

2120-2080 or 2132-1922 BC (68%)

2140 - 1885 BC (95%)


Manston Runway Approach Beaker


(IV) Cottington Lane, Ebbsfleet  1990.
Clarke's (1970) East Anglian Group Beaker.

Lanting and Van der Waals' (1972) Step 3.

2130-2075 or
2045-1930 BC (68%)

2195-2155 or
2145-1880 (95%)


Cottington Lane Ebbsfleet Beaker



BM - British Museum.
WK - University of Waikato.
TTA - Trust for Thanet Archaeology.


Clarke D.L. 1970 . Beaker pottery of Great Britain and Ireland.  Cambridge University Press.

J.N. and Van der Waals J.D. 1972. British Beakers as seen from the Continent. Helinium 12.


Much thanks are owed to Alex Gibson who has identified all of the vessel-types presented here.

The text is the responsibility of the author; the photographs are by the author unless otherwise stated.

Paul Hart

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